1/3 Lankan blood under High Pressure


The percentage of Sri Lankans over 25 years with High Blood Pressure (HBP) is nearly 42 percent. About 41. 9 percent of Sri Lankan men and 37 percent of Sri Lankan women suffer from High Blood Pressure, a Health Ministry spokesman said.

About 43 percent of adult Sri Lankans suffer from HBP, the spokesman said.

He said HBP is becoming one of the main health issues in Sri Lanka.

The danger of the HBP is it does not have any visible symptoms. One can get a sudden stroke or kidney failure due to HPB, he said.

The spokesman said Health Minister Maithripala Sirisna ordered the ministry’s Non Communicable Disease Unit to conduct a countrywide survey on HBP this year.

“The last survey was conducted in 2008 and this is carried out every five years. The minister also instructed health officials to provide equipment to state hospitals to carry out Lipid Profile (Cholesterol) tests and train health staff to perform the test,” he said.

-Daily News-