140,000 Tamils missing during the war – Rev. Joseph


Mannar Bishop, Rev. Rayappu Joseph says that Sri Lanka needs to be changed in a manner where all communities could live with dignity.

He has made this comment during an event at the Mahatma Gandhi Center recently.

He has observed that an environment needed to be created in the country where every citizen could live in dignity and proudly say Sri Lanka is there country without being limited to one person or a group of people. He has noted that a system needed to be put in place for this purpose.

According to the reverend, all those who have been born in this country are Sri Lankans and no on could change it. He has questioned as to why a large number of ethnic communities cannot live in one country while safeguarding their cultural identities.

He has pointed out the importance of national unity and said that all communities needed to work towards the goal.

He has further noted that an inquiry should be held to determine what became of the 140,000 persons who went missing during the period of the war and that it would help in the reconciliation process.


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