A four year old girl had been raped, strangled and killed. Her body was found yesterday, from a well located in a garden was stated by police, the Jaffna daily reports.

This gruesome incident had occurred at Mandatheevu, 2nd division area. The area was severely tensed after this incident.
Some persons had gone to clean the tobacco garden well located at Mandatheevu 2nd division and found a body and had informed to the Kayts police.
The Sri Lankan Police had brought this to the attention of Kayts Magistrate R.S.M.Mahendrarasa.
Magistrate after examining the body at the locality where the incident occurred ordered for postmortem due to suspicion.
Legal Medical officer S.Sivarooban from Jaffna Teaching hospital examined the body and conducted the initial postmortem.
Medical officer reported that the girl after rape had been strangled to death.
Reports said, the girl was missing two days back after 1.00 p.m from her home and the parents were on search but could not find her.  In this state, the body was found from the garden well which is 200 meters away from the home.]]>


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