TNA parliamentarian Suresh Premachandran has told the Sri Lankan government that the security forces have taken into custody over 50 youths during the past few years and that arbitrary arrests need to be stopped with immediate effect. He has said that it was not proper for the security forces to just arrest youth in the North without any valid reason. The parliamentarian has added that it was an undemocratic action that violated the fundamental rights of the youth. There are members of the same family among the 50 youths who have been arrested. Family members of the youth who have been arrested have not been informed of there whereabouts and the reason for their arrest. The parliamentarian has further noted that there have not been any terrorist acts reported from the North almost four years after the war. Therefore, the government by arresting and torturing youth from the North could push them towards another war. Premachandran has urged the government to release all youth who have been arrested.  ]]>


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