60 Lankans deported from UK


Around Sixty Tamil asylum seekers deported by Britain, arrived home yesterday morning (Sept. 20).

They included failed asylum seekers and visa over-stayers.

The flight departed from the UK late Wednesday, despite last-minute legal pleas against the deportation, BBC reports.

Britain says that unless a Sri Lankan Tamil was a high-level activist with the LTTE, he or she is unlikely to be targeted on returning to Sri Lanka.

However,  human rights groups such as Freedom from Torture and Human Rights Watch argue that Tamil people either linked or perceived to be linked to the LTTE – at any level – are at risk if they return.

One Tamil man due to be sent back has told the BBC: “Instead of getting killed there I would far rather commit suicide in the UK.”

The man, who asked not to be named, said that he would be singled out by the authorities because his uncle was a well-known Tamil Tiger rebel.

He said that he had never been a member of the group, although he did run errands and was a courier on their behalf.

Meanwhile, 11 Sri Lankan illegal immigrants deported by Togo arrived home yesterday.

After questioning by the CID, they were released, said the police.

The group is said to be from Vavuniya.


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