Mass grave emerges from the Anandapuram school area


Human skeletons and remains of half burnt bodies have started to emerge from villages in the Pudukuduirippu area where the final stages of the war took place. Tamil villagers who had gone to the Anandapuram village in the Pudukuduirippu area under the resettlement programme have had to face this situation.

Piles of human skeletons have been found amidst the buildings and debris of the Anandapuram Tamil School. The Pudukuduirippu area was used by civilians to enter into the military controlled areas and to draw back to the Mullavaikkal area.

Although the Tamil political parties claimed that around 40,000 Tamil civilians were killed during the period, the SL government has claimed that only 8,000 were killed. A proper investigation has not been carried out to determine if the skeletons found in Anandapuram belongs to civilians. Tamil political parties and human rights organizations claim that the bodies of civilians have been buried in the areas under the military in Vellamullavaikkal.


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