Amnesty International calls on the Tamil Nadu state government to protect Sri Lankans visiting and living in India, but Tamil activist said Amnesty International acts with political agenda. The Amnesty international issued a statement on ‘attacks of srilankans in Tamilnadu. It was surprise to me as because we are taking so many efforts to reach out Amnesty to voice for Mr.Senthooran who is fasting unto death for nearly 30 days out of which he was not taking water for nearly 12 days, Police instead of giving him treatment when he fell unconscious on 26th day, filed case against him and took him to prison, Thirumurugan Gandhi said. Prison refused to take him in as they saw his condition and warned that he may collapse at any point of time. Then Tamilnadu Police gave him treatment and the worst part followed, when police took him back to illegal detention. He was forcibly fed and photos were taken as if he was taking food. We are trying to take the Illegal Detention Torture camps in Tamilnadu ran by the Police to Amnesty Intl. and to our surprise they yet to act on it. But they so quickly came to a conclusion that the law and order situation is not good enough to protect Srilankan citizens and send bulk SMS to all asking them to take a pledge not to support the attack and gave a missed call. They are using the numbers which was recorded when they called for ‘give missed call to action for War crime of Srilanka’ . They collected the numbers of all those who are sympathetic to Tamil eelam cause and use that database. Did anytime they asked our permission to use our numbers to send us SMSs?.. Though I don’t support the violence as means to win over democratic forces, I really wonder their silence on Senthooran issue which is also a matter of srilankan origin / citizen . Why there is a long silence on these illegal camps from Amnesty? and why they turn blind eye to the non-violent protest of the inmates of the Illegal camps?… Why not they show some character and pro-activeness in this issue, which is shame to humanity. If they don’t have a convincing answer, then we have all the rights to doubt their intentions, he added.  ]]>


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