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The Universal Periodic Review of Sri Lanka in UNHRC-Geneva is well-nigh on hands. This particular review is likely to be a follow-up on some demands made in the last review held in the year 2008, on Sri Lanka regarding improvements to be done to the human rights conditions in that country. Well, we all know that, much water has flowed under the bridge since then.

There is no need for a long-winded sermon on matters such as mass arrests, white van terrors, enforced disappearances, illegal land grab, criminal destruction of cultural and heritage property, threats to religious freedom, personal threats, and on and on,  in order to convince you that what is going on now in Sri Lanka under the very nose of the international community is a structural genocide planned with a masterly stroke of subtlety, efficacy  and intense cruelty and then executed with extreme efficiency and superb coordination.
The intensity of the attendant vicious propaganda, the sole aim of which is supposed to be covering up the dirty deeds, alone is enough to stifle for the duration of a decade, our genuine efforts to render help to our long suffering brethren of homeland. Most of the human rights defenders like religious dignitaries Archbishop Dr. Rayappu Joseph, peoples’ representatives Hon. Mr. Sivagnanam Shritharan, M.P.,Journalists like Frederica Jansz and intellectuals like Dr. Packiasothy Saravanamuthu have all, at much peril to their skin,  done their best to tear off that mask of verbose diplomacy that sheaths the cruel face of Rajapakse tyranny.
They have all proven beyond all doubts that “post-May 2009” human rights situation is incomparably worse than “pre-May 2009” situation. The question that looms above us now like the proverbial Damocles’ Sword is that  will the Human Rights Council take due note of all these! Are we going to let past one more opportunity to stall Sri Lanka and its friends from literally getting away with murder! It may be too late in the day to file a mass signature campaign with the UNHRC. But it is not too late yet to file a petition with the President of the USA who would still be able to take up our cause. If we fail in this, please, note that Sri Lanka will manage to wrestle one more congratulatory resolution from the UNHCR for having promoted and defended human rights in an exemplary manner.
Are you willing to give in to the travesty of justice one more time? Are you willing to throw in the towel and say “I surrender!”? If not, let’s join forces. It is a massive job to gather 25,000 signatures within a month. But if we could not manage to unite ourselves to gather it from a million strong Diaspora, then all our talk of helping home-landers would be interpreted as empty talk. So, please, do your best in this regard.
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