The London Times said British Prime Minister David Cameron and some other unnamed  Commonwealth leaders are likely to boycott the planned meeting of its heads in Sri Lanka in  coming November as a protest over the impeachment of Dr.Shirani Bandaranayaka.    The well informed London newspaper said the issue which brought Sri Lanka and Britain at logger heads has prompted widespread commonwealth criticism that may sink the summit . The Times said, “The sacking by the Sri Lankan Government of the island’s Chief Justice has prompted widespread Commonwealth criticism that may scupper the summit there in November”. David Cameron and other Commonwealth leaders are likely to boycott the planned meeting if it goes ahead. It follows the uproar over the Sri Lankan parliament’s vote last week to impeach Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake, which recent rulings said was unconstitutional, the newspaper added. The newspaper further said she was dismissed by President Rajapaksa , but may refuse to quit after the Supreme Court and Appeal Court ruled last month that the impeachment process was irregular and illegal. “President Rajapaksa, whose human rights record has been strongly condemned, has been infuriated by Mrs Bandaranayake, who has issued rulings that did not suit him politically. His supporters, who dominate Sri Lanka’s Parliament, accused her of corruption and ordered her to face a parliamentary committee in November on charges of financial and official misconduct. She denies all 14 allegations. Switching the summit to London would be a coup for Mr Cameron, and would cement the city’s reputation as being an ideal centre for international gatherings.” (LNW)]]>


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