Cardiothoracic surgeons are leaving from Lanka


Cardio-thoracic surgeons in Sri Lanka are leaving the country say reports. According to reports there are only 12 such surgeons and out of these 12 three have left government service during the last few months.

A doctor speaking to the media had said these specialist doctors do a yeoman service in carrying out heart surgeries and they leaving the government service is a serious issue. It would be an acute crisis in the future he added. He said most of the doctors leave the country as their service is not recognized by the state and they do not receive a suitable salary.

There is also the issue of Sri Lanka Medical Council (SLMC) issuing provincial registration to unqualified foreign doctors to practice in Sri Lanka. Despite College of Surgeons (CS) on many occasions instructing the Director General Health Services (DGHS) Dr. Ajith Mendis not to issue provincial registrations for certain foreign doctors to practice in Sri Lanka after scrutinizing their qualifications, skills and knowledge, it is reported that DGHS, on instructions from above, has continued to instruct the SLMC to issue provincial registration to unqualified doctors.

The Health Ministry’s stance to give temporary registrations to such doctors has brought detrimental results over the years. Most of these doctors are from India and have come here to work as Cardio-thoracic Surgeons.


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