Chemmani massacre suspect try to flee to US


Chemini_410px_28-06-13Janarala newspaper reports that a suspect of the Chemmani massacre is secretly preparing to flee to USA.

The suspect who is a former Navy soldier, has gone to the US Embassy on the 24th May to face the visa interview.

On the March 2007, 7 men including him were given warrants by the court and their passports were taken in to the court’s custody.

It is said that the suspect had obtained the visa back through illegal means and has presented it to the US Embassy.

A corporal in the SL Army named Somarathne Rajapaksa who was arrested over the suspicion of the murder of Krishanthi Kumaraswami revealed about the Chemmani mass grave in 1998.

In 1999 investigations started on the case and 15 bodies were dug out from the grave.

It was revealed that 2 of them belonged to those who were disappeared during 1995-96.

After discovering that the bodies were blind folded, it was decided that this was a crime against humanity.