The Vavuniya District Land Development Committee has granted permission to set up permanent army and police camps in the Kanakarayanakulam, Puliyankulam areas. This decision was taken last Sunday at the district Development meeting held under the Chairmanship of District Secretary, Bandula Harischandra at the Vavuniya District Secretary’s office. Following the meeting, the police will be allocated a land of five acres and another of five acres is to be given to the army. Meanwhile, police have been allocated two acres and the army seven acres in Kanakarayankulam. China extends its supports to the Sri Lankan military. Also, half an acre in Puliyankulam has been allocated for the health dept, half and acre at Katkulam junction for the primary health centre, one acre in Nainamadu area for a livestock veterinary center, 11 acres for a school on the A9 in Puliyankulam, five acres for an Ayurveda hospital in Nainamadu, one and half acres in Muttumari town area for a cultural center, half and acre for a provincial hospital in Nedunkerni area, 20 perches for a co-op in Mannakulam Kollaru area, 35 acres for the Indian housing project in Parasankulam and for cultivation activities 15 acres in Mudiyarkulam, 42 acres in Kattikulam, 120 acres in Thandikulam have been allocated.]]>


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