The Canadian Tamil Congress (CTC) is deeply concerned about the impeachment of Chief Justice Shirani Bandaranayake of the Sri Lankan Supreme Court. Today, with an overwhelming vote of 155 to 49, a resolution was passed in the Sri Lankan Parliament to impeach the Chief Justice. The vote in Parliament took place despite rulings from the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court stating that a move to impeach the chief justice would be illegal. The Canadian Tamil Congress categorically condemns this illegal act and is concerned that this will further undermine any prospects for peace in the country. “This impeachment is a deplorable move that undermines the independence of the judiciary, the rule of law and any semblance of democracy left in the island,” says David Poopalapillai, National Spokesperson for the Canadian Tamil Congress. CTC calls upon the Canadian Parliament to follow the British Parliament’s recent debate on Sri Lanka and to put Sri Lanka on notice that if democracy is not restored, Canada will take decisive actions to express its concern.]]>


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