Devolution: Ball now in Lanka’s court – DPF


The Democratic People’s Front (DPF) says that all Tamil  political parties have arrived at a consensus on enhanced devolution through the  13th Amendment and the ball was now in the government’s court.

Deputy President of the DPF and its spokesman Dr. Kumar  Guruparan told to the Colombo media that the government could not go against the consensus  reached among the Tamil political parties, who had accepted the 13th Amendment.

Dr. Gurparan said that the government must decide on the extent  of devolution instead of trying to deceive the world. He said that the  government had assured India that it had no intention of repealing the 13th  Amendment, but it was usurping the powers of Provincial Councils systematically.

Dr. Guruparan said that some political parties, aligned with the  government, had called for a referendum on the 13th Amendment, but that was  something best left to the people of the North and East. He said that the  majority could not decide on what the minority wanted.


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