A group of unidentified persons had attacked a group of students from the Eastern University on Monday night.

A third year student from the university Y. Amirtharaja had even received medical treatment from the Batticaloa Hospital following the attack.

Students believe that the attack was aimed at intimidating them prior to the holding of students’ body elections at the university.

The Eastern University is another focus of the intelligence units apart from the Jaffna University.

A student who spoke to us said that since the military and police kept a close watch on the university and its students, the attack would have been carried out by a group that has their support.

Student leaders at the Jaffna University are still being taken into custody and intimidated while stones had been pelted at the residence of the Jaffna University Students’ Association Secretary, Dharshan on May 31st.

Dharshan and several other university students were previously arrested under the Prevention of Terrorism Act and later sent for rehabilitation by the government.

The Jaffna and Eastern Universities are constantly under military intelligence surveillance and intelligence personnel have been even assigned to the staff of the two universities.