'Elections' in the Eelam Tamil homeland by Sri Lanka


08 September 2012 London, United Kingdom MEMORANDUM ‘Elections’ in the Eelam Tamil homeland by Sri Lanka Sri Lanka state’s occupation of the Eelam Tamil homeland is an illegitimate continuation of centuries of colonial legacy; as such, the occupying power’s governance structures imposed over the Tamil homeland remain unrecognised by Eelam Tamils. Any elections conducted by Sri Lanka state and its occupying forces, on their own terms, within the occupied territories are of no benefit to Eelam Tamils. They are designed to deceive the international community into abandoning pursuits of justice for Eelam Tamil nation subjected to a systematic campaign of genocide and lead towards the resurrection of the 13th Amendment as a basis for a plausible solution. Therefore, such polls have been continuously boycotted by Eelam Tamils. The Tamil National Alliance (TNA) was formed to serve the national liberation struggle of removing the occupying military from the homeland, and establishing a sovereign and independent state of Tamil Eelam. Based on its founding principles, in April 2008 the TNA announced its much welcomed decision to boycott the first ‘provincial elections’ in in the occupied south of the Eelam Tamil homeland by Sri Lanka. TNA’s current change of stance and subsequent decision to participate in the same ‘provincial elections’ flounders on principles and compromises the national liberation struggle. Such acts are unacceptable. Homeland based civil society movement has already noted in detail the dangers of equating the ‘provincial elections’ conducted by the occupiers to a UN sponsored referendum on independent Tamil Eelam. An election campaign of systematic gross misinformation, for which the Sri Lanka state has allowed ‘political space’, can do irreparable damage to the national liberation struggle and is, therefore, strongly condemned. Additionally, for the TNA to further embed itself in the governance structures of the occupying forces would be contradictory to the national interest of Eelam Tamils. Instead, the TNA should concentrate on exposing Sri Lanka’s continuous human rights violations, war crimes and genocide of Eelam Tamils in their homeland to the international community. We remain in solidarity with the civil society of Eelam Tamils in the homeland who have taken many brave measures to expose the protracted genocide being committed by the occupying Sri Lanka state. END Tamil Coordinating Committee. ]]>


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