Eviction notice to residents and mosques


The Sri Lankan Urban Development Authority (UDA) had issued letters to residents living within the scared zone of Dambulla, to vacate their houses by end October.

Speaking to the Colombo media, M. Rahmathulla, a member of the Mosque Board, said a notice has been issued to 52 houses and 23 shops on Thursday, to vacate their houses as they are located in areas that come under the Scared Area Development Act.

“In the letter, the residents have been asked to leave within two weeks and promised they will be provided with alternate lands on Kandalama Road, in the Pollwatha area,” he said.

He also said that the mosques authorities met the UDA officials in charge, and said that only these houses were marked as being within the Scared Land and that the mosque was not within the boundaries of the Sacred Land.

Meanwhile, they also asserted that there is a high possibility that the mosque will also be demolished along with these houses and shops after eviction, Rahmathullah said.

He also said the mosque authorities have spoken to many Muslim ministers and asked for their assistance in solving this issue.




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