Defense Secretary Gottabaya Rajapakse immediately should cease racist campaigns and activities targeting the Tamil and Muslim community in Colombo including many areas was said by Democratic People’s Front Leader Mano Ganeshan

Tamil Muslim Alliance arranged a media briefing yesterday in Colombo and on his participation he made this statement
He said, prejudiced voice is emerging now in this country, against the Tamil and Muslim minority community.
These racism activities are advanced by stating that Tamil Muslim population is increased in Colombo.
Minority communities living situation in Colombo was not from now, but they were living before the country got freedom.
Sinhala community which was 3 percent in east now has increased to 30 percent. How could this be possible? When there are situation like this, the minority in Colombo have increased, stating like this is racialist.
A situation should be originated for any type of race to live in any part of the country.  By false campaigns country’s harmony should not get disturbed.
Defense Secretary Gottabaya Rajapakse should immediately curtail racist campaigns and racism activities advanced to target the Tamil and Muslim community in Colombo.
After war, Government should come forward to stop creating problems among the three races in this country and should originate synchronization among the three communities.]]>


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