Hi-tech sexploitation of woman employee


Telecom regulators worldwide had gathered in Colombo for the 12th Global Symposium of the International Telecommunications Union (ITU).�Some took the trouble to learn of the strides made in the field of IT by Sri Lanka. Others learnt of how there is also a bad side to the growth of IT if there are no mechanisms to control abuse.

A senior and much respected official well versed in IT and allied fields was to relate a story, of course not publicly, about a case that highlights the bad side.

A woman joined a Colombo-based company. The IT engineer helped her obtain a laptop computer at a concessionary price. Being an artistic type from one of Colombo’s leading international schools, she used the camera embedded in the laptop to take a nude picture of herself. She used it to draw a caricature.

When there was a virus attack on her laptop, she sought the help of the same IT engineer to have it cleaned.
It was done within days and she got her laptop back. Thereafter, the IT engineer telephoned her and said he possessed a nude picture. To prove it, he e-mailed it to her.

Then the IT engineer’s demand followed.�He sought sex with the girl employee if her photograph was not to appear in the internet.

The young woman, with one daughter, was forced to heed his call. The sordid drama did not end there.
Six others including a top man in the company used the same trick to coerce her into providing sex. The finale to all this came when the distraught girl lost her job. Her nude photograph also ended up on a website.


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