How they hold Presidential elections with land mines?


India’s National Security Advisor, Menon met TNA leader Sampanthan to tell him that the Indian government had requested Sri Lankan President Rajapaksa to hold elections to the Northern Provincial Council. He told him that a formal government announcement on the subject could be expected soon.

Sampanthan in turn was to tell Menon about what he alleged were “appropriation” of private land by the military. He said this was going on apace.

Sampanthan told to the Colombo media, “We talked with each other about matters of concern. On the question of elections to the NPC, the government has given a number of reasons.

It says land mines will have to be removed; the displaced have to be resettled and administrative issues overcome. How did they hold Presidential and Parliamentary elections?” Sampanthan said that since the Provincial Councils were established, there have been no elections to the Northern Province alone. In 1988 elections were held for the North-East Provincial Council. However, the Supreme Court ruled thereafter that the NEPC.