On Monday the 10th of December 2012; the United Nations Human Rights Day, a large number of people braved the freezing British winter conditions and gathered in front of the Foreign & Commonwealth Office (FCO) in order to highlight the serious human rights violations faced by Tamil people and to show their outrage at the United Nations andthe UN Secretary General (UNSG), Ban Ki-Moon for their failure to protect innocent Tamil people during the genocidal war against them and to urge the UN to act now to stop the continuing genocide of Tamils in the Island known as Sri Lanka. Featured amongst many placards, banners and slogans were, “UN Failed to Stop Genocide of Tamils by the Sri Lankan Government”, “Protect the Tamil Students from Sri Lankan State Terrorism”, “UN Act Now to Stop Genocide of Tamils in Sri Lanka” and “Sri Lankan Military Stop Attacking Tamil University Students”. The attack on Tamil university students in Jaffna by the Sri Lankan military had drawn in a large number of students to the protest. The protesters, young and old joined in expressing their anger following the revelation that the UN had known of the Sri Lankan massacre of Tamils in which more than 40,000 were killed within the last few weeks of the war that ended in May 2009 and nearly 147,000 still remain unaccounted for. The UNSG appointed Experts Panel had reported that there was credible evidence indicating serious war crimes and crimes against humanity were committed in the Island of Sri Lanka. A recent UN review on its own conduct during the war, reported that it had abandoned the Tamil people in their hour of need and had failed to stop the genocidal attack on them by the Sri Lankan military. A senior member of the mobilisation team of the British Tamils Forum; Mr Alfred Robert said, “Despite these UN reports, even after three years, the UN internal governmental bodies have not taken any meaningful action to provide justice to the Tamils in Sri Lanka.” He further stated “What is more alarming is the continuing inaction by the international community to arrest the deteriorating dire situation currently faced by the Tamil people in the Island.” Vasi Thurai and Alfred Robert handed a memorandum addressed to the UK Foreign Secretary, Rt. Hon William Hague over to the officers in charge of Sri Lankan affairs at the South Asia Directorate. The memorandum highlighted the current situation in Sri Lanka; the persecution of those who dare to resist these crimes against humanity, including the attack on the Jaffna University Students for lighting candles to commemorate their dead kith and kin and subsequent arrest and detention by the dreaded terror squad of the Terrorism Investigation Department (TiD). It is worth noting that the notorious “White Van Death Squads” of the Sri Lankan state; responsible for abductions and disappearances, work hand in hand with the TiD. An elderly demonstrator Mr Sivanathan said “The UN system continues to appoint review panels one after the other without taking any meaningful action, another report in another six months’ time will be too late for those who would have perished in the hands of the Sri Lankan regime or while trying to flee the island.” The British Tamils Forum has been continuously calling for an International Independent Investigation into crimes against humanity committed in the Island of Sri Lanka. The recent World Tamil Conference held in London in the British Houses of Parliament called for the United Nations member States to urgently set up an ‘International Independent Investigation into the complete conduct of the Sri Lankan State against the Tamil Nation and specifically call upon the investigation of War Crimes, Crimes against Humanity, and the Crime of Genocide against the Tamil people’.]]>


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