ICG plays mischief with TamilNet


The International Crisis Group (ICG) in its latest report on Sri Lanka, No. 239, dated 20 November 2012, came out with the following sentence: “The influential website TamilNet, whose editors are linked to the so-called Nediyavan faction of the LTTE, frequently criticises the TNA for moderation allegedly imposed by the Indian and U.S. governments.” In the footnotes for the statement, the ICG cites Norway questioning Nediyavan, the Dutch investigating illegal LTTE fundraising and D.B.S. Jeyaraj writing on “Tigers overseas chief Nediyavan” getting questioned in Oslo over alleged links to LTTE fund raising (page 13). The ICG comes out with the statement sounding in such a way that it is its own. The total picture brought out by the statement and the footnotes is that TamilNet is linked to Nediyavan, who is viewed as the overseas chief of the still-banned LTTE and who according to sources cited by the ICG, is investigated by the governments in the West over illegal fund raising. The implications are obvious: veiled intimidation to the global civil public, with the support and sponsorship of which alone the TamilNet is able to run, upholding the national cause of the genocide-affected Eezham Tamils, despite the open negation of Eezham Tamil independence by the USA, India and the ICG. It is also a veiled threat to political activists and civil society movements having ideological affinity with TamilNet to disassociate them from it. Dubiously linking TamilNet with Nediyavan originated with the writings of D.B.S Jeyaraj and Terrorism Professor Rohan Gunaratne. TamilNet usually chooses to ignore when false pictures are painted by credible-less sources. But the ICG, backed by globally powerful forces and individuals, is known for setting the agenda of the World Establishments on the island of Sri Lanka and on its political and social players. TamilNet is not afraid of linking it with anyone, if it is the truth. TamilNet also wishes to make it clear that its affinities are only with the cause of Eezham Tamils and it is mischief to project it factional. Equally, TamilNet doesn’t wish to associate itself with any of the mobilisations tagged behind the powers competing over the island of Sri Lanka. TamilNet challenges the ICG to prove its credibility on the statement it has made. If an open apology is not forthcoming from the ICG, TamilNet may have to seek justice from the law of the countries where the ICG is registered. (Tamilnet)]]>


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