Insult to the Tamil people – Jaya


The Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalalithaa Jayaram has slammed the Indian Government for allowing Sri Lankan Air Force (SLAF) personnel to be trained in Tambaram Airbase located in a suburb of Chennai in Tamil Nadu.

Chief Minister Jayalalitha, while condemning the Central Government of India for training the Sri Lanka Air Force personnel at Thambaram , Chennai, in a statement yesterday, urged the Indian Government to cancel the training programme.

Sri Lankan Air Force sources said that  currently SLAF personnel are receiving technical training at the Thambarama Airbase.

Taking objection to the training being imparted to Sri Lankan Air Force personnel at an Indian Air Force base near Chennai, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister Jayalaithaa on Thursday, urged the Centre to immediately cancel the programme and send the personnel back to Sri Lanka.

“At a time when there are voices demanding equal status for Tamils in Sri Lanka, reports about Sri Lankan Air Force personnel receiving training at the Tambaram Air Force Base was something against the Tamils. I strongly condemn this,” she said in a statement yesterday in Chennai.

She slammed the Centre for remaining ‘silent’ on a resolution moved by the State assembly calling for economic sanctions against Sri Lanka, besides demanding equal status for Tamils in that country and said “It is an insult for the Tamil people that the Centre is imparting military training to the Air Force personnel from Sri Lanka.”

“While there are demands for sanction against those charged of war crimes, the fact that the Sri Lankan Air Force personnel are being trained in India is not only improper, but also against interests of Tamil people,” she said.

Jayalalitha in her statement went onto say that nine Air Force personnel are currently receiving training in Tambaram.



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