‘ISI surrounding India from all sides’


India’s premiere intelligence agency, the Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), has in a classified report submitted to the government about a fortnight ago warned that Pakistan’s ISI, as part of its new strategy, has started surrounding India from all neighbouring countries -Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and even Burma -by setting up modules for its agents who in turn promote and sponsor subversive activities against India.

The high confidential report accessed by DC goes on to add, “this new trend is extremely significant as Pakistan’s dependence on countries like Nepal and Bangladesh for using them to launch anti-India activities is reducing. And instead Pakistan’s ISI is looking at expanding its network in Sri Lanka and Burma.’’ While warning New Delhi’s security topbrass the RAW document states, “while the the ISI has already established a formidable network in both Nepal and Bangladesh it is now focusing on other neighbouring countries of India like Sri Lanka and Burma. This way, the ISI will completely surround India with its agents and can launch them into the country from any where.’’

To further strengthen its claims, the intelligence document refers to the recent busting of ISI backed espionage module in Tamil Nadu which was being controlled by Pakistan High Commission in Colombo saying it was part of the same plan.

ISI agents have been deputed in Pakistan High Commissions in all adjoining countries who work as recruiting agents for anti-India activities, the report adds. It further mentions that Amir Zubair Siqqiui, the man behind the Tami Nadu espionage racket, continues to operate from the Pakistan High Commission in Colombo. (The Asian Age)


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