thomasCatholic Bishop of Jaffna, Rt. Rev. Thomas Savuntharanayagam petitioned the Court of Appeal seeking Court intervention against the military seizure of lands in the Jaffna Peninsula.

Following the petition filed by the Jaffna Catholic Bishop, the Court of Appeal on Friday issued notice on the respondents.

The Bishop’s case follows the petitions already filed by 2,176 Jaffna Tamils seeking relief from the alleged land acquisition.

The case filed by the Jaffna Bishop was taken up before President of the Court of Appeal, Justice S. Sri Skandaraja, with President’s Counsel, K. Kanag-Isvaran with M.A. Sumanthiran, Viran Corea, Lakshmanan Jeyakumar and Niran Anketell appearing on behalf of Bishop Savuntharanayagam. The respondents did not have legal representation when the case was taken up. After the petition was supported, the Court ruled the respondents should be noticed to appear on 27 August and make objections, if any, to the final reliefs asked through the petition. (AP)