Land confiscation activity increase in North


State and private lands in areas closer to Kilinochchi town, land impounding in an illegal manner incidents have increased was stated. Owners of many private lands near Kilinochchi town areas have gone abroad, Jaffna daily reports.

The lands which are in the care of the relations are grabbed by some who are in support of state ruling sector parties have augmented. Relations maintaining the lands and threatened is according to sources.
Similar two incidents have occurred recently at Kilinochchi Thondaman nagar village and Jayanthi nagar.
Other than this, the lands belonging to Irrigation department which are either side of the two main irrigation canals which flows water from Kilinochchi,  Iranaimadu tank to  Uruthirapuram, are impounded by those belong to political parties. Currently business centers are operating in these localities.
The land allocated for Rathinapuram waste water drains are also confiscated. Such land confiscation incidents are augmented in Kilinochchi which is able to observe.]]>


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