Landmines surfacing in Mullaithivu


Land mines are surfacing in areas the displaced have been resettled at Anandapuram in Mullaithivu say those who have been resettled there. They say it is vital to search again for land mines in the area adding that living in the area has become a risk for their lives.

The re-settlers were concerned regarding the threat of land mines when a powerful landmine was found near a house at Anandapuram yesterday (30th). It was found when a resident tried to cut a drain to prevent rain water entering his house.

A group of landmine clearing organization had arrived and deactivated the land mine. The deactivators had said the land mine was a very powerful one and a massive destruction would have been caused if it had exploded.

The bomb that killed a girl too had been found at an area where the displaced had been resettled. The residents say officials have resettled the displaced without completing the demining process.


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