The army will remain on alert despite being involved in development work following the end of the war, the Sri Lankan Army Commander Lieutenant General Jagath Jayasuriya said yesterday.

He said this while speaking to the troops at the 63rd Anniversary of the Sri Lankan army.

He paid tribute to all those who have so far sacrificed in numerous ways to elevate the Army standards and stressed on the importance of marching forward as a fully-fledged professional Army in the future too.

“Our Army that inherits a proud history has faced a multitude of different challenges during its journey for defence of the country’s territorial integrity, sovereignty and unitary status. Defeating maniac passion for terrorism and restoring law and order, we, as one and only Army in the world to do so, stunned everyone through the biggest ever humanitarian operation hitherto carried out in the world in order to salvage hostages,” he said.

He said that army efforts and contribution in promoting reconciliation and goodwill while simultaneously energetically committed to the revival of country’s development in spheres like engineering, infrastructure building, mega technical and agricultural projects, particularly in the North and East, have received accolades from the international community, too and such commendations should be noted.


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