PillayUnited Nations Human Rights High Commissioner Navi Pillay had just walked out from a room where there was a side event on Wednesday – a meeting of non-governmental organisations.�Walking up to her was Swarna Gunaratne, a sister of late Bharatha Lakshman Premachandra who died in a shoot-out with Parliamentarian Duminda Silva.

She lives in Canada and had travelled all the way to Geneva to ensure justice is meted out to her brother’s killer. The UN Human Rights Council is now in session.�Swarna is seen here pleading her case before Pillay whilst two of her aides listen earnestly.

Sandhya Ekneligoda, wife of missing cartoonist Prageeth Ekneligoda also similarly buttonholed Pillay on a different occasion to plead her case. Mid-way through her conversation, she wept prompting Ms. Pillai to console her. (ST)