TNA MP Shivashakthi Anandan says that the lives of the Tamil political prisoners detained in the Bogambara Prison are in danger and has called for intervention to prevent a disaster. Most of these detainees who have been taken into custody on suspicion have decided to bow down and face the sentence imposed on them by the government hoping they would be released soon. However, it is learnt that most of these detainees have been placed with Sinhalese inmates. Anandan has said that this could pose a threat to the lives of the Tamil political prisoners and has called on relevant ministers and authorities to address the issue. “Most of the Tamil political prisoners who have been taken into custody on suspicion of having links with the LTTE have accepted the charges out forward by the government due to the belief that they would be released after serving their term. “They are currently in the Bogambara Prison. The authorities have placed them together with Sinhalese inmates who have been convicted of committing social crimes. These criminals have on several occasions scolded the Tamil prisoners in filth and they are living in fear since they also suffered several attacks from the Sinhala inmates,” the MP has said. Also, parents and relatives of the Tamil prisoners have made a request through the TNA MP from the Prisons Department to transfer them to either the Magazine Prison or Anuradhapura Prison. When contacted the Rehabilitation and Prison Reform Ministry said that nothing could be done since the Minister was out of the country. Anandan has said that measures should therefore be taken to ensure the safety of the Tamil political prisoners and prevent any disaster from taking place.]]>


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