Mahinda’s US medical check-up


The Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa has gone to the US for his medical check-up, a source close to him said He was undergoing a “routine medical check-up” himself and would leave the US capital for Colombo on Tuesday. Although the visit is “absolutely private and no visits or engagements are planned in Washington D.C.,” the source said. But secret service agents and a vehicle fleet had been assigned to him. Security has been placed at maximum level. Rajapaksa is keeping his schedule on a low key and has not even had meetings with the Sri Lankan Sinhala community. This is not the first time Rajapaksa has gone to the US for medical checks. In January last year he flew to Houston, again from Dubai, and was at a leading medical centre there. This is besides meeting his brother Dudley who also lives there.]]>


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