Major blows himself up over love affair


The person who committed suicide today(18)  in the morning on the  Thihagoda – Hakmana road, in a small cab, is a resident in the Badipola, Hiriyala area. He was serving  a major in a Sri Lankan army camp in the Anuradhpaura area, according to the Lankan police spokesman, SSP Ajith Rohana.

The major who was 37 years, has a romantic liaison with a 17 year old in the Kamburupitiya area and he had requested the girl to come to the place of the incident yesterday and she had done so  accompanied by her father.

After an exchange of words, he  probably would have got into the vehicle and  set off the explosive device suspected of being a grenade, according to the police spokesman.

It has been revealed that the  major was married and had two children. Police are conducting further investigations.

The incident occurred around 10.15 am yesterday (Sept. 18) in front of Thihagoda junior school on Matara-Hakmana road.



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