Major Cyber attack in US imminent?


Speaking at the Wilson Center think tank in Washington, DC, the Secretary stated that the US shouldn’t wait until this attack occurred and urged that proactive measures be taken to ensure the security and protection of the public. Napolitano isn’t the first government official, or even the first Obama administration official, to warn of a potential strike — outgoing Defense Secretary Leon Panetta also sounded an alarm, and believed that the country was facing the possibility of a “cyber-Pearl Harbor”. The United States is facing attacks from a variety of enemies, many that some may believe are from China, Iran, or other countries eager to steal state secrets or do harm to the country. Hewlett Packard released some statistics on the US Navy’s IT network and it was reported that it receives 110,000 cyber attacks every hour. The FBI has established a group to work 24/7 to investigate hackers and network attacks. Last October, the White House became a target of cyber attacks with some pointing fingers at China. And that’s not all of them — the US Government Accountability Office (GAO) reported that digital attacks on the federal government rose dramatically over the last 6 years — up 680 percent. ( courtesy TNW)]]>


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