Memorundm to Indian embassy in Colomo on Kudankulam row


DPF leader Mano Ganesan and USP leader Sritunga Jayasooriya with Rev. Jeyabalan Croos, representing Bishop of Mannar Rayappu Joseph met Indian High Commissioner Ashok Kantha today at the High Commission. The discussions centered on Indian Koodankulam nuclear plant situated in close proximity to Sri Lanka.

A memorandum addressed to Indian prime minister Manmohan Singh was sent the high commissioner earlier. Media personal Kusal perera, DPF assistant general secretary S. Kuhavaradan and Joint Secretary of the FTZ trade unionsAnton Marcus were the other members of the delegation that participated in the discussion. Political Counsellor Anurag Srivastava assisted the high commissioner.

Speaking to the media on the discussion DPF leader Mano Ganesan said that,

The delegation had made particular queries on three issues concerning Sri lanka. One- safety measures implemented at the plant in this post Fukushima era, two- the nuclear waste disposal, three- possible repercussions it may bring onto the livelihood of the fisher folk community of the western coast of Sri Lanka.

Delegation brought the Indian supreme court’s recent concern over the nuclear waste disposal issue and the ongoing civil protests in the villages close to the plant to the notice of the high commissioner.

High Commissioner Kantha, explained the safety measures being adopted at the site and that they being in conformity with universal standards to which India is a signatory. He also explained his government’s efforts to sign a bilateral agreements with Sri Lanka. He said if it is signed it would be India’s first such with a neighboring country.

He promised to come out with further details on the waste disposal issues and agreed to continue dialogue with the Srilankan political and civil society on this subject.


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