Engine trouble with Sri Lankan president’s famili company Mihin Lanka’s newest A321 has resulted in the engine of another A321 being installed in the aircraft to ensure it continues flying. However, this swap has meant the previous aircraft has been grounded indefinitely. The cost of the operational lease for the new A321 is US $2,350 per flying hour. Kapila Chandrasena, Mihin Lanka CEO, signed the lease for this aircraft back in December 12 2011.   With this addition to its fleet Mihin now has two A321s to go along with its A320. Prior to introducing the new aircraft to their fleet, Captain Themiya Abeywickrama and Captain Pujitha Jayakody were both sent by Mihin on an all-expense paid trip to Paris to inspect it. The company has now replaced the malfunctioning engine in the newly purchased A321 with that of the other A321. The previous A321 is grounded on the basis of “being serviced” while the company is looking at flying the malfunctioning engine back to Paris to have it repaired. If in the event Mihin is forced to lease an engine for the other A321 so that both aircrafts are operational, it will cost US $4 million a year (Rs. 218,840,000).]]>


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