Military Base In Menik Farm


The TNA says the military is to set up a base in the Menik Farm land that formerly housed IDPs from the North.

TNA parliamentarian Suresh Premachandran said the authorities had demolished all the temporary shelters in Menik Farm and had cleared the land while the military has requested to use the land to set up a military base.

“The army is now trying to set up a camp in the Menik Farm land,” he said.

According to Premachandran, there’s already a heavy military presence in the Northern Province and the government is trying to further increase the number of military personnel in the province.

Settikulam Divisional Secretary M. Kamaladasan said the Army had set up an infantry training camp in Zone 2 of Menik Farm about six months ago. He said the training base was situated in a land extent of about 250 acres.



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