The Mullaitivu fishermen say that they were not permitted to fish in the seas soon after they were resettled after the end of the war. However, the Northern fishermen say that fishermen from the South had been engaged in fishing in the Northern waters during this period. The Northern fishermen claim that they were permitted to engage in fishing activities after they had met with the Fisheries Minister and the military personnel in-charge of their areas and informed them of the need to re-commence their livelihoods for survival. “We lost everything in the war. These boats nets and other equipment were purchased with the greatest difficulty on lease. We are engaged in fishing in the North under great difficulty. We are faced with more difficulties because fishermen from the South encroach on our waters. Also, since they use illegal methods to fish, the fish resource in the Northern waters are now facing a threat,” the Northern fishermen said. The Northern fishermen add that the fishermen from the South encroach on their waters with the knowledge of the military and any word spoken against would result in the military taking action against them.]]>


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