The Sri Lankan Military is interfering in civil administration activities in the Jaffna peninsula. Similar to civil officials, military are engaged in collecting information, which I observed during my journey to Jaffna peninsula in the coastal line areas was said by French Ambassador Christine Robin. She queried from Jaffna Additional Government Agent when she met her, why military is interfering in civil administration? French Ambassador visited Jaffna district  Wednesday, had discussions with various sectors. Yesterday evening she met Additional Government Agent Mrs.Rubini Varathalingam at the Jaffna District Secretariat. Additional Government Agent regarding Ambassador’s visit said, Ambassador explored the development activities which are advanced in the Jaffna district. I informed the Ambassador about the progress now in road and other infrastructures in the Jaffna peninsula, comparing to past. Ambassador questioned me, why the fishing sector’s target level in year 1983 has now decreased? I notified about the violations from the foreign fishermen and use of illegal fishing equipment has diminished, and now there is progress in the fishing sector. French Ambassador discussed about young women affected by war and the details. I also brought to her attention about the paucity of water which occurs during dry season. Finally she queried about the military interference regarding civil administration issues. She said she was traveling through the Jaffna peninsula coastal areas, and had observed military engaged in collecting information, posing as civil officials. Ambassador questioned why military is still interfering in civil administration. I said, during catastrophe period, according to administration codes, military can join and operate with the civil administration for which there is stipulation. They have collected information about the rain impacts, which I informed her.]]>


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