MP Sritharan summoned to the CID


TNA MP Sritharan has been summoned to the CID office at 10 a.m. on the 28th. The reason cited by the CID is that the Sri Lankan security forces have decided to take action against statements made by Sritharan critical of the military. A Tamil political activist said that the government was trying to intimidate Tamil politicians. He said the whole world was aware of how the military had treated Tamil people including Tamil women. “The military threatened a TNA organizer a few days earlier. A large number of Tamil people were killed during the final stages of the war while a large number of Tamil women were raped. They are now trying to intimidate Tamil politicians without holding any inquiry into these incidents. This is to prevent details about the unfair treatment of the Tamil people, especially in post-war Sri Lanka, reaching the international community,” he said.]]>


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