No satyagraha campaign immediately – Sampanthan


Only after the dialogue, and actions taken through democratic means exhaust, the Tamil National Alliance will resort to satyagraha campaign. It will be a peaceful nonviolent struggle based on the principles ahimsa, TNA leader Sampanthan says to the Asian media.

“ If the Sri Lankan Government does not deliver a political solution and does not resolve the problems we are presently confronted with, particularly on the questions of lands, militarization, so on and so forth, then we will at the appropriate stage after having made all efforts to resolve it through dialogue and through democratic means exposed, then we will engage in a peaceful non-violent struggle, said R. Sampanthan Leader of the Tamil National Alliance.

He further said, “We will fast, we will inflict pain upon ourselves, we will gather together and we will pray and we will carry on the nonviolent satyagraha campaign according to the teaching of Mahathma Gandhi, something similar in line with our 1961 satyagraha.

When asked whether TNA has given any time frame for staging the Satyagraha Campaign, Sampanthan said, No .. No we have not give any time frame and in the course of my speech in Batticaloa, I have said that the Satyagraha will come about only after all our efforts are exhausted. But in case if we don’t succeed that will be inevitable and will take place, he added.