Norway serious concern towards university incidents


Norwegian Ambassador has focused serious concern in finding the incidents held at the Jaffna University. He personally visited and discussed this with the Jaffna District Government Agent Suntharam Arumainayagam Norwegian ambassador to Sri Lanka, Grete Løchen and Embassy Advisor Dakkrey Michael visited Jaffna district yesterday. A meeting was held at the Jaffna Government Agent office yesterday morning. The discussed lasted for one hour. At the conclusion of the meeting, Jaffna District Government Agent said, the development projects which are processed in the Jaffna district was brought to their attention. The necessity of housing schemes to the Jaffna district people and the requirement for livelihood assistance was a request made to them for their assistance.  I also explained to them the working projects advanced by the Norwegian Refugees Assembly. Regarding investment opportunities were discussed with them, and they showed more attention about other working projects. They also asked me about the crisis faced by the fishermen located here, mainly the illegal intrude of Indian fishermen. Finally when discussing about the current situation, they inquired from me some issues about the incidents occurred at the Jaffna university.  ]]>


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