In Sri Lanka, All Ceylon Health Services Union (ACHSU) General Secretary  Gamini Kumarasinghe yesterday said that the sexual offences and harassment were  rampant in the health Ministry due to lack of discipline.

Female doctors and nurses seeking transfers were required to  gratify the carnal desires of health ministry bigwigs, he alleged. Even the  female officers in the executive grade were harassed by sex maniacs, he added.

There were homosexuals in the ministry seeking bribes in kind,  Kumarasinghe said. The onus is on the Minister to take drastic action against  the high officials who were sexually exploiting the junior and senior staff  alike.

GMOA Assistant Secretary Dr. Nalin Ariyaratne avoided commenting  on this issue. He only said that sexual harassment was an offence that had to be  severely dealt with.

Professor Senaka Bibile Commemoration Society Organizer Dr.  Jayantha Bandara said that if there were cases of the sexual harassment or  offences rampant in the Ministry, the Minister must probe them and the officials  involved in such activities should be brought to justice. The Health Ministry  was faced with a plethora of other problems such as manpower shortage, which too  had to be solved. The Health Minister was trying to distract the position from  the main issues, Dr. Bandara said.

Gampaha UPFA parliamentarian Dr. Sudharshani Fernandopulle said  that the gender-based violence could not be eliminated overnight, but it could  be minimized to a great extent. It was extremely important to have some media  ethics. Because, murder scenes and serial films on TV and the electronic media  had negative effects on the minds of children. Even the print media was  responsible for escalating violence, because some print media had highlighted  crime.


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