Pakistani ISI spies operating in Colombo – India fears


The Indian Government is making arrangements to approach the Sri Lankan Government to discuss the recent reports of Pakistan’s premier spy agency — Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) actively operating in Colombo and Jaffna, in order to conduct covert espionage operations against India, a senior Indian Defence official said yesterday.

The plan by the Indian Government comes in the light of the recent confession made by an alleged ISI spy who had been arrested in the southern Indian State of Tamil Nadu, when he was about to travel to Colombo, and recent reports by India’s external intelligence arm — Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) indicating that ISI had been maintaining a listening post in Jaffna to spy on Indian naval vessels and submarines.

The Indian External Affairs Ministry has been informed by the ‘Q Branch’ of the Tamil Nadu Police, and India’s internal intelligence arm — Intelligence Bureau (IB) that are currently conducting the probe.

It is learnt that the Q Branch and Intelligence Bureau have made a request to the Indian Central Government regarding possibilities of a team of Indian sleuths being sent to Sri Lanka in order to conduct an overall investigation into the incident.

Indian diplomatic sources have said that they will be informing the Sri Lankan Government over the recent intelligence reports that they have received and will be looking forward to Sri Lanka extending cooperation to their probe.

“The recent reports we have received indicated a great compromise of Indian national security. We will be taking this matter up at the highest level of the Sri Lankan Government. We have reason to believe that there are currently espionage operations being conducted in Sri Lanka against India,” a senior Indian Government official said.

The suspected ISI spy, identified as Thameen Ansari, 35, of Tanjavur District in Tamil Nadu, had confessed to the Indian authorities that he had been receiving instructions from an official attached to the Pakistani High Commission in Colombo, to capture video footage of key Indian Military installations in South India.


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