ORGANISERS of a campaign for a boycott of Sri Lanka’s cricket matches expect  about 1000 people to protest outside the MCG on Boxing Day but have promised  they won’t disrupt the biggest day on the Australian cricket calendar. The Tamil Refugee Council says it is determined to draw attention to the Sri Lankan government’s human rights record by holding a demonstration between Jolimont Station and the MCG on the first morning of the Boxing Day Test. ”At no point will it be disruptive, it will be a very peaceful protest and  we won’t interrupt anyone going to the match or anything happening on the  field,”  the group’s spokesman, Aran Mylvaganam, said. A smaller demonstration is planned for the first morning of the series opener  in Hobart, on Friday. Former prime minister Malcolm Fraser this week called for an independent  assessment of the situation in Sri Lanka, including whether members of the Tamil  minority are being persecuted and how those sent back from Australia after  coming by boat are being treated. Before Australia toured Sri Lanka last year, the country’s most famous  cricketer and Tamil, Muthiah Muralidaran, argued that sport should not be mixed  with politics. But Mylvaganam claimed the Sinhalese government used the national cricket  team to project a favourable image of the situation in Sri Lanka three years  after the brutal end of the civil war. http://www.theage.]]>


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