Protest demanding release of Tamil political detainees


Hundreds of Tamils  took part in a demonstration in Jaffna demanding the release of Tamil political detainees, and urging a judicial trial against those who were responsible for the deaths of Tamil political prisoners Nimalaruban and Dilrukshan.

The demonstration was staged by a body called the Joint Front for political prisoners and for the disappeared.

The demonstration at the Jaffna town started at 11 a.m. and continued till 12.30 p.m. yesterday. More than 500 people participated at the demonstration carrying  placards, banners and distributing leaflets.

The demonstrators also demanded democracy be established in Jaffna and the military presence be cut down.

The traffic in Jaffna came to a standstill following the demonstration in the middle of the town. Most of the protestors had arrived from various parts in the South and they shouted the slogans in Tamil and Sinhala.

Addressing the media the organizer of the protest Senadheera Gunethilaka said Lalith and Kugan were working during difficult times, during a period when children, youth and adults were abducted in the North on a regular basis. They were political activists who were fighting for their people, he said.

“They were working for the people and the people had no reason to abduct or harm them. It is the government that wanted Lalith and Kugan removed from politics, and the government is responsible for their abductions,” Gunethilaka charged.


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