Protest fear – Mahinda enjoys local show


Those who had organized protests against Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s participation at the inauguration of the London Olympics on the basis of a Sri Lankan sources but the Sri Lankan leader didn’t turn up.

UK based sources told that the Global Tamil Forum (GTF), the British Tamil Front (BTF) and Tamils against Genocide (TAG) had made elaborate arrangements to launch a large scale protest campaign targeting Rajapaksa.

They felt the presence of the international media in London for the Olympics coverage could be exploited to heap pressure on the government over accountability issues.

Diaspora groups, which spearheaded mass protests during Rajapaksa’s visits there in Dec 2010 and June 2012.

 The SL presidential spokesman Bandula Jayasekera said that he never confirmed the President’s participation, though Jerome Taylor of The Independent inquired about the possibility.

 The SL External Affairs Ministry told to the Colombo media that within hours after Taylor contacted Jayasekera, UK based Tamil groups launched a campaign probably on The Independent’s assurance that the Sri Lankan President was coming for Olympics.

On the day of the inauguration of the Games, the Rajapaksa enjoyed a musical show at the Nelum Pokuna Mahinda Rajapaksa Performing Arts Theatre.

The police and military under Rajapaksa’s command are involved in a systematic network of politically motivated disappearances as well as abduction for ransom.

 Meanwhile, Tamil humanitarian and national activist Mr Gobi Sivanthan is continuing the hunger strike for the fifth consecutive day at the London Olympic village.

Gobi Sivanthan, a Tamil youth activist, began his hunger-strike vigil, which will end on the Olympics closing ceremony on August 12 demanding, among others, the immediate halting of land grabs in the Tamil homeland.

Sivanthan’s 5 key demands follow:

IOC, suspend Sri Lanka from the Olympics

UN, initiate independent international investigation into war crimes, crimes against humanity and genocide committed by Sri Lanka

International Community, force Sri Lanka to halt the genocidal land grabs intensifying in the Tamil homeland

International Community, force Sri Lanka to release all Eelam Tamil prisoners of war (POWs)

International Community, do not deport Eelam Tamil asylum seekers





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