Remembering Black July 1983


Twenty-nine years on, the massacre of Black July 1983 is remembered by Tamils the world over.

On 23rd July 1983, an anti-Tamil pogram, that is believed to have claimed the lives of 3000 Tamils, displaced 100,000 Tamils and exiled hundreds of thousands more, began.

British Tamils remember Black July (23 Jul 2012)

Black July and the efficacy of safe haven mechanisms (23 Jul 2012)

Reliving ’83 (23 Jul 2012) – Black July 1983 through extracts from international newspapers published at the time, and news from today.

Tamils protest against Sri Lanka’s participation in the Olympics (22 Jul 2012)

TYO-UK launches organ donor drive (05 Jul 2012)

(Tamil Guardian)


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