September 26 is the anniversary of the death of LTTE Lt. Col. Thileepan during his 1987 hungerstrike appealing for the Indian government of Premier Rajiv Gandhi to honour the security undertakings it gave to the Tamil people alongside its Accord with Sri Lanka.

Reasons for Thileepan’s fast His demands were:

  1. withdraw Sinhalese army camps from Tamil areas,
  2. suspend all rehabilitation work until the formation of an interim (Tamil) government for the Tamil homelands,
  3. stop the continuing Sinhala colonisation in the Tamil homeland,
  4. halt the setting up of Sinhala-manned police stations in Tamil areas and
  5. release all detainees held under the Prevention of Terrorism Act.

Twenty five years, these demands are still being made of Sri Lanka by the Tamil people, and the international community.



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