Concerning military occupation, resettlement, land issues, rehabilitation and reconciliation including the northern situation, the address of Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe at Geneva is against truth was said by Tamil National Alliance and to review the UN Human Rights Council activity, Sri Lanka do not have any powers which it explicitly said.

To the expectation of global Tamils, this time   a good solution can be obtained, Sri Lanka government  assuming of deceiving  the International society  should abandon its idea was said by Alliance.

UN Human Rights Council’s 22nd session, the resolution brought against Sri lanka is unwanted.  This is contrary to the basic policy of UN Human Rights Council

In this state, to encourage the human rights in Sri Lanka, and in the name to safeguard, in an unfair and unjust beyond rules in an unjust manner, every approach taken by the UN Human Rights Council, we strongly oppose was said by UN Human Rights Commission’s Sri Lanka President’s Special Ambassador Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe two days back on Wednesday at the UN Human Rights Council when submitting the disagreements made by Sri Lanka side, while he addressed at the sessions.

Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe in his address mentioned, military presence diminished in north. Military Involved in the restructuring activities. Resettlement in north has concluded. Rehabilitation activity is done excellently. A settlement would be met for land crisis.

Tamil National Alliance Vanni district parliament member Selvam Adaikalanathan commenting on this said, Sri lanka by deceiving the world has functioned by the speech given by Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe  at the UN Human Rights Council However Sri Lanka should immediately abandon the idea of assuming  any longer in  deceiving the international society.

Concerning military occupation, resettlement, land issues, rehabilitation and reconciliation including northern situation, Minister Mahinda Samarasinghe address in Geneva is completely false.

He had completely made untruthful statements. Tamil National Alliance parliament panel which had gone to Geneva will notify the actual situation.

TNA members with sufficient evidences will submit to the Human Rights Council membership countries delegates with sufficient evidences concerning the unscrupulous activities carried out by Sri Lanka government and forces.

Minister Mahinda Smarasinghe has said, all displaced at the final war were resettled but still displaced people from final war are sheltered in 16 refugee camps in Jaffna.

Most of the areas in the Mullaitheevu district is under the military seizure and people are feeling scared to get resettled.

Meanwhile last year, people who were sheltered at Chettikulam camp were forcibly taken in buses and were abandoned at Keppapilavu forest.

Without any basic facilities they were dumped and they are facing adversities. Military harassments are faced by the people.

Military rule is in north and amidst fear, Tamil people are living. In this state, Minister using harmony in north, is much humorous.

Meanwhile Sri Lanka does not have any powers to review the activities of UN Human Rights Council.

 After observing the actual situation in Sri Lanka, the international countries have brought resolutions.

Hence this time, according to the expectations of global Tamils, a perfect settlement will be obtained which can be expected was said by him. (OU)


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