The “Global Sinhala Puvath” web site alleges that there is a rising problem of sexual harassment among fishing villages near Jaffna. The web site accuses that certain military personal are engaged in such hideous activities. According to the web site the victims are mostly the wives of fishermen who go to sea at night time.

As it reports on the 15th, an abducted fisherman by the Navy has been brutally battered in the Mandathivu Navy camp and has later been handed over to the Police for the charge of obstructing the military patrols in the area.

29 year old J. Kandiban who got assaulted has been admitted to the Jaffna Hospital.

It is said that when a Navy solider had illegally entered the fisherman’s house at night and tied to sexually harass his wife, then Kandiban had chased away the solider.

But he had then come back with few of his accomplices and had abducted the fisherman. After brutally attacking him at the Navy camp, he has been handed over to the police.